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I've played in over 65 "bands" .  We will highlight a few of these bands in this (and future) issues. 

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Here's another feature Zzaj Band - John M. Bennett's spoken-word meshes quite nicely in with the spirit of ranting, so you can listen while you read this issue's RANT:


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After a long rainy spell here on Oahu, I've finally seen the sun coming forth a bit more... OTOH, I'm getting burnt out from all the political hoop-lah... doesn't matter who we vote for, looks like the "super-delegates" will make our choice for us.  Meaning, of course, that "predestination" IS true in the political game... so, in the meantime, y'all must KEEP ON making music, KEEP ON telling the story like it really is & KEEP ON bashing those who insult your intelligence with "zombie TV" geared towards making you as mindless as "they" are.

    From a musical perspective, we have gotten quite a few "new" artists in, something I'm very happy to see/hear... not exactly a resurgence of the "grand old hometaper" network, yet still more material than I've seen in a few years... be sure & steer your musically inclined indie friends our way, so we can review what they are producing.  One great place (from an Indie legend, Bryan Baker) that I most strongly recommend is INDIEONESTOP... the site allows you to sell music, or just put it up for folks to listen to.  They are also connected with BLASTMYMUSIC, which is where we sell our music (among other places).  I'm seeing/contacting a LOT of "old friends" via IOS, & that feels mighty fine!

    I'm still not making any new music myself, though I hope to get back in the swing of that in a few months... we'll see... "day-job" takes a lot more out of me these days (be 62 in September), but I'm still hanging in on that.  Hawaii/Oahu is certainly a nice place to work, except when it rains... & it did quite a BIT of that over the last 2 months. 

    One last note... I've mentioned this a couple of times recently... we started out with a heavy emphasis on poetry, especially those writings which involved music... I haven't seen a lot of poems coming our way lately, ergo you'll notice that there isn't a poetry section.  Would encourage you to hookup with any friends you may have who use words to express their emotions/visions... it's really simple, all they need do is email me at (we won't take snail submissions any more), & I'll consider their works for publication.  That does not mean that anything submitted will be published... the words must invoke images powerfully... but, if they DO that, there's no doubt they'll get published.  So please join me in reviving a vital part of what this 'zine has (always) been about... music, art & POETRY!!!!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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