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The "war" in Iraq is Shrubbie's legacy, to be sure... after all, that's what he's proclaimed ever since starting it... unfortunately (for us), it is also OUR legacy (whether we want it or not).  No matter what our opinions (pro or con) about the clear invasion of another country, that is how it will be perceived.

     & now yer' saying to yourself... "What, is this ol' poet/player a "traitor"?"  Hardly... I've been saying for quite some years now that this whole focus on Iraq & the (totally) unwinnable "war" there was both travesty & fraught with stupidity.  ANY time you let yourself get involved in a conflict that's (really) based on religious fervor and rabidity, you're asking for BIG trouble!

     The only salvation I see coming out of this long waiting period (for Bush to be banished to his Texas hills) is that with the Democrats in office, we should be able to get back about the business we SHOULD be in... promoting peace/harmony through music and the arts.  Many of you have been doing that... whether "homemade" or "pro", the music we've been hearing in the last 2 years tells us that many of us (artists especially) have sensed things we need to speak with each other about, musically or elsewise.  The Bush reign has also brought on a spate of "laziness"... mental for the most part, "regular" folks have been taught (under King George) that their opinions somehow don't matter... hopefully Obama or Hillary wil be able to help reverse that trend, & get the younger among us (& a few of the more slothful older ones) back on the path towards self-realization.  Of course, as you probably know by now, I don't believe we need liars (politicians, of any stripe) to "lead" us to anything... we have that power within us... it's just that it's my opinion that under a Democratic administration, the atmosphere is a bit more conducive to freedom of thought & expression. 

     So, what am I trying to say?  USE this summer, fall & the coming inauguration to celebrate what/who you really are... if you are a poet, musician or artist, dredge up all those things you've been meaning to say (but couldn't, because of the repressive Republican administration) and turn them into your own creations!  Let's look forward to the BEST in us, instead of the worst (which has certainly been the result of the last 8 years), and (literally) preach to the world through your creations that America really IS "...of the people, by the people and for the people"!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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