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     I find myself reflecting on the freedom that music offers to listeners 'round the globe on this fine/sunny 4th of July.  It will have to be something like music/arts that liberates us, because it's clear that those (who think they are) in "power" have sorely missed the mark.  The various & sundry conflicts we are involved in under their "leadership" (read "greed") are not inspiring any sort of "independence"... if anything, what they are promoting is enslavement.

     So, as you watch the celebrations & fireworks from your couch potato position, keep this in mind... what these klowns are doing IS involving YOU... the hatreds (all forms of them) being cast in our direction are a direct result of what the politicians have done over the last 20 years... yes, that's right, the Dems are just as much at fault for war-making and empire-building as anyone else.

     All we can hope for, I believe, is that (no matter who resides in the White House) the collective "we" will wake up & DEMAND that no more wars be waged under our flag... & we won't get there by sitting inside our living room watching their propaganda machines tell us what to eat, what to wear & who to like (or not like).  Of course, none of that will happen if we continue to "observe"... get OUT & support your local musicians and artists... support the spirit of INDEPENDENCE... of CREATIVITY... of REBELLION, even.  If you're a PLAYER (or an artist of any type), be sure to provoke your audience in these directions, too! 

     This "culture of CHANGE" that we hear Obama & his minions proclaim will mean nothing if we let "him/them" effect the change... it is EACH & every ONE of US that make that happen... DO something... MAKE something... SPEAK out against the atrocities that abound in our world today... then we can truly celebrate our INDEPENDENCE!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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