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Many of our readers know by now that I'm making a move from Hawaii back to Olympia, Washington in early-to-mid October, 2008... our address after 15 October will be 5308 65th Avenue SE, Lacey, WA 98513.  For that reason, I'm suspending publication of issue #86 until mid-to-end November, but keep on sending us the wonderful music you've been sending!

I didn't feel it would be appropriate to write the rant section with an "excuse slip", if you will.  I mean, the 4-year carnie atmosphere in the political arena is alive & well.  Those who (still) think that ANY political candidate is "leading" anyone should have the message by now, as you've watched Bush and cronies GUT our economy... don't believe for 1 second that any of the billions they've appropriated at our expense for a "bailout" will do anything to improve the markets... those $$$ will be laundered and wind up in the hands of folks like Shrubbie, Obama, McCain & their theiving corporate masters.  No matter if you think the conspiracy folks are "nutcases" or not... just watch the next 2-4 years... America will be a "fourth world" country by 2012 with no power, no respect & no $$$... at the hands of a bunch of self-styled "Skull & Crossbones" high society types who believe they have all the "answers for the masses"... I can tell you that we need to STOP BELIEVING in external sources... they do not have ANY answers for us common folk... nor could they care less if your retirement fund/401k tanks - they've GOT THEIRS!

The other contrast I noted while watching the horse-radish laden conventions (yeah, I watched parts of both of them) was from a MUSICAL perspective... was it (at all) noticeable how the Repu-blockheads managed to bring back the whole "country vs. soul" thing from the '60's... if you don't think that smacks of "divide and conquer" - you have another think coming!  It was so blatant it made me want to upchuck... when you paired that silly "Raisin MCain" theme with the hopeful music in Obama's campaign, you'd (almost) HAVE to vote for Obummer... except that what you MUST keep in mind is that ALL of that is just SPIN... it means nothing... these guys are just talking heads for corporate demons (yes, some of them go to church with you, too) who can't risk being in the public eye... BUT - the music on the Obummer circus was MUCH BETTER than anything John had to offer!

Keep it as real as you can, and (most importantly) - KEEP ON CREATING... it's the only thing that has the potential to DESTROY groupthink!!!!



Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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