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It was a long and hard road to toss the klown out of the White House (& not replace him with a caricature)... as most readers of this magazine know, I believe that politicians are ALL corrupt; it's the nature of their job... in order to get elected you have to tell little "fibs" to folks who wouldn't support you if you didn't tell them lies.  What SHONE THROUGH as a difference in this election, though, was Obama's penchant for pitching "hope" as a commodity that we all need more of.  Well, music volkz, who better to change the tide of depressing news/views - than YOU?  Dig that guitar out of the closet, dust off the piano keys and GET BACK TO WORK... spin a few fragile dreams based on the "good side" of folks... paint a few sonic images that tell just how beautiful life can be when you LOOK for the positive.  Of course, I'm not advocating any sort of "Pollyanna" krap... music does have to tell the folks how life is... but there's nothing wrong in LOOKING for the success stories instead of the abject doom/gloom that Shrubbie bestowed upon our daily lives.

You can bet that under Barack there will be a call for volunteers... heck, his "career" in Chi-town was related to service to the community, and I can hear the call coming for us to join in & reach out to those who have a little less than we do (of course after George's mis-handling of the economy, we are ALL pretty strapped right about now, I suppose)... as a creator, you can choose to whine about the present, or to sing songs that emphasize what we COULD become... about how when the human spirit works together with another human spirit, the insurmountable can be overcome.

Many (white folk) will say that we've "already made it", simply because a black President was elected... poppycock... the person who was elected (black or green or white) was a "HOPE" president... that's what he ran on, & I believe that's what he has going for us more than anything else he may have to offer... so WRITE a song today that tells the people what we are GOING to DO... not how pharked up the last 8 years under "W" have been... I'm looking forward to four full years of RAWK'in play that helps bring us ALL together... don't disappoint, 'k?


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