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Here's another feature Zzaj Band - Harlan Mark Vale (aka Kramtones) and I have been playing music together since the early 1980's; this album, "STRANGE ATTRACTORS", was one of our very first digital efforts.  Hope your ears enjoy it enough to buy a track or 2!



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     There are moments when I find that music speaks to me with far more "consistency" and "weight" than most of the people I meet.  The message conveyed by a certain piece of beautiful music doesn't change every time I encounter it... that's not to say that I don't hear nuances in a piece nearly each&every time I listen through it... that is the fantastic thing about communicating only with this medium... something new & fresh on each listen. 

     Of course, the listener can control the messages they choose to listen to... hate-filled rap or metal, symphonies that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders or instant gratification from a well-written lyric in a folk tune.  No matter what the genre, however, you have a pretty good idea what you're getting in to before you spin it.  That's not the case with humans (for the most part)... their messages are often different each time you encounter them... whether that's because they're in the process of self-realization or in a "down" phase brought on by substance (or lack thereof), you'll often find that what they say doesn't track with what they do.

     The advent of all kinds of "portable" music (i.e., independent .mp3 players, music buried in cell phones as .mp3 or digital music through your cable channels) makes it ever easier to pick & choose what messages you'll encounter.  I'm certainly not advocating the lifestyle of a hermit - immersing yourself in music to the degree that you never interact with another person.... but I guess I am saying that well-played music (no matter the genre/message you choose) can help you to find "friends" (meaning tracks) that will always stay on-target with the things they say to you!

     In these ever-more uncertain times, I believe that political gamesmanship and nonsense will force us "average Joes" to escape the lies with segments of the great musical energy pool wrapped 'round our ears at a greatly increased frequency... as to whether you decide to make some "people" friends along the path - totally up to you!

THINK about that!

     Another reflection.... as I sit here (back) in my "In The Shadow" studio (really, it's my basement, but it is "under the shadow" of Mt Rainier, & right in the middle of a field of "magick rocks" - according to the local Native Americans), I can't stop thinking about how wonderful it is to have circled the globe (at least twice) to return to where I started from... that seems to happen a lot lately... is it just "veja du", or are my sdrawkcab journeys just "looping" me in the right direction?  It's doubtful I'll know the answer to that until my epitaph is etched on the side of my Kurzweill headstone, but it's awfully nice to have the feeling that everything will be cooler than it was last year!  Have to wait & see, though, as my crystal ball is on the blink!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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