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     Seems we are all waiting (with bated breath) these days to see what the twists & turns the economy is taking will lead us to... I know I certainly am wondering!  OTOH, I often have the feeling that it's all just part of a staged performance... no doubt that Obama & his partners are "winging it"... what some of us in this community would call "improvising".  Many folks who are from conservative roots would decry that as a truly bad course of action... but, stop & think about some of the best MUSIC you've ever heard... it was IMPROVISED, right?  While form & order have their place in society (along with regulation, which Obama & krew may be wrong or right about), it could be that the only way we'll ever get past the horrendous mess(es) that "W" got us into will be FOR the politicians to improvise!

     On another note, the music I'm receiving these days seems to be taking a turn towards evermore improvisation... a pendulum swing we are exceedingly happy to hear... not only that, but our review of F.D. Reeve's "The Blue Cat Walks The Earth" brings something back that we've been missing for a long, LONG time (in this 'zine)... good, solid poetry & spoken-word supported by superbly crafted jazz!  It feels to me like a resurgence of many of the great things we were listening to when we started this 'zine way back (around) 1990... issue #2 featured some of our earliest home-taper reviews, & in those days, it was purely improvised and full of freedom!  Since Mr. Obama ran a campaign (that he says) was based on "hope"... my hope is that we will see the creative elements emerge once again to the point that the curmudgeons will forever be banished, and energy rooted in "the arts" (all of them, not just music) will forge forward!

I've made a few new (player) friends on FaceBook (& other places as well) who have volunteered tracks for possible collaborations... I'm not getting over-excited about the prospects, but it WOULD feel good to tickle the Kurzweill keys again... keep your ears open... may have something new (finally) after these many years (since about 2005) for you to chew upon... whenever/whatever it is, I've no doubt I have MUCH to say musically, as there has been a great deal of water flowing under that proverbial "bridge" in the last 3 or 4 years.

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