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INTERVIEW - interview with guitarist extraordinaire Barry Cleveland - tell ALL your guitar playing pals that they must read this interview!   

The ZzajRANT page for this issue has only a few words this time, but they are penetrating!

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews  (We have over 30 splendid new reviews in this issue... there will be many more reviews in upcoming issues, as I start to write up all the wonderful music I've been receiving via the nets for DDR (digital download review); you'll find a much stronger focus on "home-grown" players over the next few issues.

In Issue # 106 (& later):

More fine interviews  & music reviews with today's energy "shakers & movers"


Allright, ReverbNation PLAYERS... try this on for size! Visit my ZZAJ PRODUCTIONS site, click on the BECOME A FAN button... I will be checking out EACH & EVERY player who fans that site... if I really dig your music, I will HIGHLIGHT it on my IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION readers page (if it's REALLY great, I may also followup with a request for a review copy of your works). The ReverbNation address is: http://www.reverbnation.com/label/zzajproductions

NEW ADDRESS for snail-mail is:

Dick Metcalf
Unit 15541  APO AP 96224 (South Korea)

You are encouraged to submit your music to us for review at the above address!!!

We don't take poetry submissions by snail; please e-mail poetry submissions to zzajunique@hotmail.com  - but DO email us anything you have you would like published - we are sorely in need of more poetry, as some of our previous submissions got "lost" when my HD crashed last month.


Rotcod Zzaj


Hey - if you're living in OLYMPIA, you'll want to join OLYMPIA JAZZ CENTRAL - support your local musicians!

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Long-time reader and musician Dave Fuglewicz:  I.N. was one of the first 'zines to respond to my work. It was a great 'zine way back then and has maintained the highest of standards every step of the way. 'Zines have come and gone, some with great fanfare, some with quiet aplomb, but few can match the Zzaj for the dedication and fortitude it takes to keep cranking it out. Diversity and ... originality are recognized and applauded, that, in my opinion has always been one of I.N.'s greatest "traits". Number 93 brings us all ever closer to the magical 100th issue. I highly recommend a visit and a read. Y'all get there now. :-)

Music promoter Ann Braithwaite's followon to Dave's comment:  Couldn't agree with you more, Dave. And have you heard Dick's music? Great!!