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New! New! New!  Zzaj PODCAST!



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INTERVIEW - interview with one highly talented drummer, Mark Lomax, II - tell ALL your jazz drum-playing pals that they must read this interview!   

The ZzajRANT page has a thought or two about "presents" that you may want to read, considering the upcoming gift-giving season!

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews  (We have over 30 splendid new reviews in this issue... there will be many more reviews in upcoming issues, as I start to write up all the wonderful music I've been receiving via the nets for DDR (digital download review); you'll find a much stronger focus on "home-grown" players over the next few issues.

In Issue # 107 (& later):

More fine interviews  & music reviews with today's energy "shakers & movers"



I am in the process of developing a new "HOME" site for Zzaj Productions, using WORDPRESS (my hat is off to our friend Bryan Baker, who helped me get started with this tool!!).  Since this new site lets users COMMENT - I want to steer you there, even though it's not a "finished product" yet - I want your feedback, so as I develop this new site, it will meet YOUR needs!  The new page is at:


Please visit us there SOON and give us your comments and feedback!  Thanks!

NEW ADDRESS for snail-mail is:

Dick Metcalf
Unit 15541  APO AP 96224 (South Korea)

You are encouraged to submit your music to us for review at the above address!!!


Rotcod Zzaj




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