# 68

Papa's gotta' BRAND-NEW BLOG!


(issues 2 through next-to-last)

We have CHANGED the FOCUS of the D.I.Y. News page... from now on, please do NOT send show announcements!  Please DO SEND any/all announcements about new CD releases...  th' "twist"?  Please do NOT send us an announcement unless you have downloadable samples available on the web!  I want to see if we can use the D.I.Y. page to more accurately reflect what's happening DIGITALLY in "underground/D.I.Y." music in the 21st century!  So, SEND those links to your sample pages as SOON as you CAN, ok?

'k, alla' you hardcore D.I.Y'er's!  We've added a D.I.Y. forum board!  Simply click on the lil' button below to TELL US wot' you think...

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In This Issue:

Check out th' "new" Zzaj "diary"


INTERVIEW with "Mike Milillo"

Zzaj-rant on "INDIE sites"

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews

In Issue # 69 (& later):

Interviews with  more & more self-produced artists!


Please continue to help us by spreading the word about this magazine.  We have been writing it since 1990, but it's only because of your energy that we are able to keep it going!  I'm still a firm believer in the power of music to overcome the idiocies that run rampant in the world today!



Rotcod Zzaj


We don't take poetry submissions by snail; please e-mail poetry submissions to rotcod@hawaii.rr.com  

NOW - it's on to the CONTENT:






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