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New! New! New!  Zzaj PODCAST!


I've played in over 65 "bands", mostly through the US mails - this particular CD (our second all-digital product) was recorded live.  We will highlight a few of these bands in this (and future) issues. 

Featured Zzaj band for issue #80 - THE IMAGINARY BAND, which had Harlan Mark Vale on drums and synths, guitarist Peter Tomshany & myself on Kurzweill synthesizer (these don't auto-start - CLICK the PLAY button to listen while you read our 'zine - or don't, totally up to you!).  You can also PURCHASE these tracks, if you'd like to support our efforts; no obligation to do that, but the option is there if you'd like!  ENJOY!


We now have 2 TOTALLY FREE CD's (with free cover art) available for download at our NETLABEL site!  The only thing we ask is that you scroll to the bottom of the page(s) & give us a REVIEW!  Please ADVERTISE this to ALL your friends... tell them we are GIVING AWAY music!





INTERVIEW with "SelfTort"

Zzaj-rant on "...his possible future as a "musical Johnny Appleseed"

Evermore exciting MUSIC reviews  (Over 30 new CD's)

Some great new poetry from Zefuldar

In Issue # 79 (& later):

  Very hard to tell at this point - my circumstances are changing ev'ry day!


There is a "hidden" give-away in one of the sections of this issue... if you are the first to spot & respond to it via e-mail, you will receive something that any jazz fan would love to have!



Rotcod Zzaj


We don't take poetry submissions by snail; please e-mail poetry submissions to rotcod@hawaii.rr.com



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